wipshot is a reviewing, proofing, and streamlining platform for creative contents and the role type within is differentiated by its accessibility.

  • Project Owner- users can upload/share/comment/attach/create/delete/archive Projects.

  • Editor- the main difference with the Project Owner is that these users can't create/delete/archive Projects.

  • Reviewer- users are limited to upload/review/attach/comment on files within Projects.

Editors can be added to any other Projects without additional purchase.

Should you need to additional Editors beyond the basic amount provided in the PRO plan, you may do so with add-ons at a cost of $7.00 per Editor, per month.

The number of Reviewers you can add to a Project is unlimited and does not require add-on Editor seats, since Reviewers are limited to the capabilities of upload/review/comment.

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