Review by playing uploaded video files.

The following features are available for video-

  • Repeat Play

  • Frame-by-frame Play

  • Time code Play

  • Fullscreen

  • Mute

Review your videos conveniently by entering your feedback directly on the screen.

First, pause at the screen where you would like to give feedback about. Then, select the wanted drawing tool.

Select one of the provided pencil, rectangle, circle, or arrow tool to indicate exactly where you want to comment about.

Of course, you can also free-draw around the area by selecting the pencil tool.

Then, select the color for your annotation to be left in.

When you 'post' your feedback, the annotation and comment will be posted and instantly send your 'Project' board members a notification.

You can also 'post' additional comments in a different timeline. Of course, you can post comments in the window to the right regardless of the timeline as well.

Comments posted on the 'Comments Window' on the right hand side can be clicked upon for the video to playback on the corresponding timeline.

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