You can review image files by zooming in/out and leaving feedback. If the original size of the image is quite large and you wish to view it in HD, you can do so by moving it around on the screen. Image files uploaded to wipshot will display dependent on the original image quality. The types of image files supported currently are PNG, JPEG, and GIF (support for other image file formats are in plan).

First, select the drawing tool you wish to leave feedback with that is provided on the left hand side of the screen.

Select one of the provided pencil, rectangle, circle, or arrow tool to indicate exactly where you want to comment about.

Ex. using the rectangle tool

Ex. using the free-drawing pencil tool

Then, select the color for your annotation to be left in.

When you 'Post' your feedback, the annotation, and comment will be posted and instantly send your project members a notification.

Comments posted on the 'Comments Window' on the right-hand side can be clicked upon for the annotation to show on the image.

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