With wipshot, you can collaborate, review and manage work from anywhere efficiently and precisely.

The meaning of wipshot is derived from your work-in-progress image shot, and it is a share and review project management tool for the creative teams.

Project page is where you can manage all the files and folders and overview them at a glance.

Review page is where the entire team can give feedback on a file that needs to be reviewed or a file collection of different versions.

With wipshot, you can:

  • Projects are where you can upload a file to share and invite teams.

  • Review is where all members can review each project file.

  • Collaborate with your teammates to review your content with comments, annotations, voice notes, and instant messages.

  • Compare differences with images 'Side-by-Side'. For video, compare easier with simultaneous video play.

  • Share link with partners
    Share link is dynamic - it will always reflect the latest updates to the project and provide a living source of truth for cross-functional teams, even non-wipshot users, to stay aligned.

  • Chat
    Are you trying to keep up with the scattered conversations in e-mails, instant messages, and text messages? Stop jumping back and forth from platforms, and message each other all within one place to share, review, and transfer.

  • wipTree : Version Management
    Manage your versions through the wipTree as the project progresses and the versions develop. Upload and organize versions directly and seamlessly from start to finish to view in one glance.

  • File Transfer
    When the reviewing is done, easily upload and transfer the final HD file on wipshot. Then add an expiration date and password for that extra layer of security if you wish to do so.

  • Archive
    The power of archiving with wipshot is in the fact that you can keep a record of version progression in an organized manner.

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